BLK 360 Scanner

Oh yes…. it’s here… it’s real… and oh my gosh is it pretty.
Unboxing is the sort of thing that is usually done by fanboys for new smartphones,tablets, gaming systems. Not exactly what you would normally do for a piece of commercial field inspection and data collection equipment.
But this particular piece of field equipment merits it. The packaging design has the same kind of thought you would see in a high end smartphone. It’s slick, it’s simple. It makes you want to take pictures of it. (note, our shipping/receiving folks got to this before I did, so it’s not a real unboxing, they got there first).
The box itself is surprisingly functional and I suspect we’ll continue to use it for storage on an ongoing basis, but without the smaller boxes inside. Not a lot of wasteful materials or meaningless paperwork.
Also in the box is a battery, battery charger, battery charger cable for a wall outlet (with international plugs, a smart touch), and battery charger cable for a vehicle, which could be pretty hand for some folks, but not likely to get much use by me and my team. I wish the device came with a spare battery, but it doesn’t. Eventually we’ll just order another.
The documentation inside the box consists of a USB stick styled as a credit card, a postcard about Recap Pro, a postcard of information about Leica’s own app (which I have to admit I didn’t know existed before), and a Quick Start Quide printed in what seems to be about 10 languages.
No actual User Manual in the box,it’s on the USB stick, I just googled it instead.
The BLK comes in its own carrier inside the box, not a ton of protection for carrying it around, but sufficient I think for our needs.
The carrier is as much for showing this device off as it is for protecting it, this is a beautiful piece of hardware, and Leica wants everyone to know.
I’ll post a review shortly after I have had some time to mess around with it.

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